About me

Hello there! I’m Emma. Which, since you’re on Emma’s Blog, you probably guessed already. Well done you.

Also since you’re here, I hope it’s not arrogant to presume you want to know a little bit about me. So, here we go.

I graduated from Warwick University with a BA in English Literature in 2011. I then went on to complete an MA in Publishing at UCL, and am now working as a commissioning editor for academic history books at a publisher in London. My speciality is world and global history. It’s fascinating stuff, and I learn something new every day, which is essentially what I always wanted from a job – never to stop leaning, to go into autopilot, to get bored. I hate being bored.

As everybody who’s applied for a Creative Writing MA ever has probably said, I’ve been writing stories since I was a child. It began with an odd story about my dad finding a tortoise in his slipper, progressed to an ‘epic’ fantasy quest novel in which love triumphs over the Dark Overlord, and then I got serious and wrote an I-like-to-think-it’s-literary novel about a twenty-something English graduate grappling with failure and disappointment in London (no idea where I got that idea from). In January 2016 I began Faber Academy’s 6-month Writing a Novel course, under the tutelage of novelist Richard Skinner, where I started writing my current novel-in-progress, The Unlikely League (you can read more about it here).

When I’m not writing, I’m an alto in my local community choir, where I sing louder than I probably should; I also occasionally force myself to go on runs, actually enjoy yoga, and was briefly obsessed with playing the ukulele. I love exploring the wonderful city of London and eating and drinking in its many different bars and restaurants (especially the ones at the top of skyscrapers). A few years ago I got bitten by the travel bug. If I could, I’d spend my days travelling the world and writing – but since reality calls, I travel as much as I can afford, and write about my adventures on this blog.


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